digthedirt (digthedirt) wrote,

Mariah's Not As Slutty As Once Believed...

In a shocking revelation, Mariah Carey has revealed that she has slept with less than five men in her whole life. So that would make it four men then, right? I can think of two. Tommy Motolla and Luis Miguel. Any guesses on the other two?

The 35-year-old singer says she prefers to hang around with gay men.

Asked about her sexual partners Mariah told German Cinema magazine: "I would need less than the fingers of one hand to count them all.

"I have had lots of boyfriends, but I did not have sex with most of them." She said the lack of sexual partners was not through lack of opportunity.

Mariah said: "If I even look at a man, he immediately thinks: "Oh, she fancies me"." She added that was why she preferred the company of homosexual men.
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