digthedirt (digthedirt) wrote,

Ashley's Breakup

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's been a bad month for Ashley Olsen. First she breaks up with her sister Mary-Kate, and now her boyfriend Scott Sartiano. Star reports that the split stemmed from the fact that teenage Ashley felt 30-year-old Scott was using her as arm candy as part of his "club-promoting lifestyle." A friend of Olsen's put it this way: "Every weekend, it's all about these supermodels, who are hotter, older, more mature than Ashley is--and taller." The mag reports that the weekend she and Sartiano broke up, he was seen at the Tavern in Southampton. "It was as if she never existed," said a friend. "No one mentioned her name. Instead, Scott was hanging out with Leo DiCaprio and a bunch of models." Of course, maybe she was there but just couldn't be seen amidst all the tall girls from Planet Runway.
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